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web & mobile app solutions

Tailor-made software development

In the engineering world there is no one-stack-fits-all solution. A bridge in Rome has to withstand other loads than a bridge in Alaska - it is similar with software engineering. Every project has different needs based on which the engineer should decide wisely how she or he will meet them in order to deliver a high-quality, maintainable and sustainable software solution.

Knowing that and based on a wide range of experience developing various B2C and B2B applications I am happy to bring to the table:

  • 💪

    Frontend development

    • React & React Native development
    • Web standards & accessibility
    • Performance & SEO
    • Design system integration
  • 🧱

    Full-Stack development

    • Node.js & backend development
    • Data structure and flow layout
    • Headless CMS and static site generation
    • DevOps & deployment
  • 📜

    Consulting & Architecture

    • Technical project planning & product conception
    • Technical documentation
    • Mentoring & guidance of junior developers
    • Sustainable web development

Interested in working together?

I am currently open for freelance work. Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn, Xing or via email.

In case you are working for a nonprofit organization or have something in mind to make this planet a better place to live on, please do not hesitate to tell me about your idea - I am always happy to support projects with a social, public or environmental impact. Even though you do not need my support, let me tell you: keep it rollin'! The world needs people like you.

Development is passion and passion is what makes life a poetry.

Franziska Fieke

Hello! I am Franziska, a software and web engineer from Germany, passionated in developing intutive, high performance digital experiences for web & mobile for more than 7 years.

Tech stack in a nutshell.

  • Languages: Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS
  • React.js, Next.js, Node.js, React-Native, Astro
  • State management: Redux (RTK), Zustand
  • Testing: Jest, Cypress
  • Headless CMS: Strapi CMS
  • Others: CI/CD, Docker, Github